Yay, it is finally done!!

Chapter 6: To The Surface

Hi. Today I activated the encryption for my website. On the surface there hasn’t actually changed anything. Only the data, that gets exchanged between the browser and my server, is now being encrypted.
At the moment the encryption is not very important. Later though, I’d like to add some things to my site, that will need encryption.

During the change I noticed, that my rss-feed might unfortunately produce an error message for some of you, because the link to it changed slightly.

old link:
new link:

Just change the old link, in the rss-reader, to the new one and everything should be working again.

It’s already close to a year, since I last posted something on my website! It is kind of sad, since I had plans for the last year. As you can see, not much came out of them. I wish I could give you a good reason, that would explain why, but I can not. All that is left to me, is to book the last year under failure, learn from the mistakes and to make the best out of the future.

I have not given up the story, I have started here. I will continue writing it, but I cannot yet say, when the next episode will appear. Only one thing is for sure: I don’t want it to take another year, before the story continues.

I have the time to write. It is only a question of concentration, discipline and endurance. I think, I am on a good way.

It is a new year and it will be a good year!
I have seen a comic on twitter, that fits here quite nicely:
(That website is worth a look or two.)

In this sense. Until next post.

Well, that's a great start. The first story, in the new year, comes already three days later than planned. At least it's only three days, so you could be counting this as a half win regardless.

Chapter 5: The case of the lost spaceship

With the 5th chapter I want to change the way how I put new stories online. Until now I released them "when they have been done". That didn't work at all.

If I do not have something to work towards to, I have an easy time to come up with excuses to not work on a story or I do something else instead. That's why the time between chapters got longer and longer.

With the new year I would like to try something new. I will try to have a finished story at the 1st and 15th of a month.

Perhaps it works, perhaps it does not. We will see.

I hope it does work.

I have added a rss feed to the site, to make it easier to follow my infrequent updates.

Here are some instructions on how to use the rss feed with the live bookmarks of Firefox.

If you are using a different browser or you want to use a feed reader and you don't know where to start, google can probably help you there. :)